we decided because of your feedback, change requests and our long-standing experience with the R944B, to build the model in the future solely by Premacon without partners.

We thus have considerably more flexibility, a number of advantages through our developments and at the same time you benefit from our innovations, we incorporate only in our machine.

Another reason is different corporate philosophies with our supplier, who were no longer compatible.


The undercarriage has been completely revised in the field of Turas-drive. We thus achieve a much sleeker look and also the undercarriage has been corrected in length so that it matches the original.
Picture of the new Turas and the new cast ascents:

The Turas gear are now 100% CNC milled and close direct with the chains:

The undercarriage is now 100% made ​​of brass, steel or aluminum.


In the complete superstructure superstructure plate has been changed from Pertinax to aluminum. The superstructure edge is now made ​​of aluminum.


Also, the rotary drive has been revised to make the game a bit to optimize and drive to strengthen.

As a hydraulic pump, the Silent Drive pump by Martin Kampshoff and PREAMCON works: